Monday, October 20, 2008

Our trip to Roloff Farms

Well we made it out to Roloff Farms. We got there first thing Saturday morning when it opened and good thing we did, we had to wait about 15 minutes to get from the street to the parking lot. By the time we left people were waiting about an hour to get from the street to the parking lot and it was backed up about 2 miles down the road. It was fun and we will be going back next year.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Andy, you Goonie!!!

For Labor Day we decided that since we are so close to where Goonies was filmed, we would take a trip out to the coast to see where they filmed it.

Our first stop was to The Astoria Column. In the pictures that I had seen, I thought that it was small, but when we got there, it was huge. Apparently you can walk inside it to the top of the column and take in the great view, but that day it was closed for renovations. With that said we took a few more pictures, figured out where we wanted to go next and then headed on down to one of the forts that Lewis & Clark had build and stayed at. I didn't get any pictures of the fort, but that is okay, it wasn't worth the 6.00 that we paid.

After that we decided to get something to eat and then go and find the Goonie house. In our search for the Goonies house, we found the jail that one of the Fratelli brothers broke out of. We tried to find the pizza place that Chunk smashes the pizza and drink on the window, but we couldn't find it. So we found the house and while doing it, we found the school that Kindergarden Cop was filmed at. To get to the Goonie house, we had park the car and walk a little ways up to the house, while doing so, we ran into some other people that were doing the same thing that we were doing (we aren't the only Goonie nerds!!). We got up there and we saw Data's house and the fence that Chunk did the truffle shuffle at, it was so cool.
The trip was a good one, the drive to the coast was amazing. If you are ever out this way, you should definately make it one of your stops to see.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

18 months!!!!

I finally figured out how to do a collage, yeah for me!!!!! With that said, here is the big girl. I can't believe how much she has grown in 18 months. She is talking so much more, her new thing that she likes to say is What!!!! She also like to tell us that she has gone poo poo, so we have tried her out on the potty. She's not to sure about it, but that is probably my fault, seeing as the first time I put her on the "big girl potty", I didn't put it on tight and it moved on her when she sat down, opps!! She also loves to play at the park and go for walks. She is also starting to play disc golf with us. We have bought her a little disk, and Gray is teaching her how to throw it, it is the cutest thing ever!!! With that said, here are some pictures of the cutest little girl ever!!!
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