Friday, August 14, 2009

Rain Boots

The other day while we were out, Wehilani and I went to a children's consignment shop and we found some rain boots and ever since that day she has worn her boots everywhere we go. They are 2 sizes to big, but she still wears them. Here are a few pictures of her and her rain boots. These were taken in our backyard and yes, she is just wearing a onesie and her boots. Don't you just want to eat those legs :)!!

This is what WE do at the doctors

Today we went to see if Baby Oren would be making his appearance today and to now avail, he is not, but after much thought we have decided to schedule a c-section for Monday at 10:00am. So hopefully we will have some pictures of our newest addition Monday evening. But while we were at the doctors, we needed something to keep Wehilani occupied, and this is what Gray came up with, enjoy :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I know it has been a few months since we last posted anything, but lots has gone on. First of all, the house that we were renting, the owner was not paying his mortgage payments. We found out shortly after we moved in last August that the house was going up for auction, so we started looking for houses then. The house was scheduled to go up for auction March 9, 2009, so we had some time to look. Well we looked and looked and couldn't find anything that worked for us, March 9 came around, no one bought the house at auction, so we thought that we would put an offer on the house and just buy it. Well they, the bank, told us that they wouldn't even look at our offer until we moved out, who is going to move out to move right back in, someone who is crazy I tell you, add to all the craziness, I was 4 months pregnant at the time. We went to court to see if we could stay in the house until we could find a home of our own and they told us that we needed to be out of the house by June 1. I guess it worked out, we were able to live in the house rent free for a few months. Well we continued to look for a home and we found one, but we wouldn't be able to move in until the end of July, YIKES!!!! We had to find a place to rent for a few months and the end of July would put us within a week or so of baby being due. We found a plce and let me tell you, that was an ADVENTURE to say the least. Finally we are in our house after jumping through a million hoops and somewhat settled, I am still pregnant, 4 days over due, and I still need to take pictures so everyone can see what our house looks like. Once I get up the energy to get the pictures taken I will post them and hopefully within a few days, we will have pictures of our newest addition to the family.

I have to say is, this whole experience has made me realize that Heavenly Father has a timetable and that we need to just trust in him and he will take care of us.