Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Miss Spider Birthday Party

I know, Iknow, Wehilani's birthday party was 2 weeks ago, but I have just been able to get around to loading all the pictures. Her little party was so much fun, we had tons of family and friends that came to celebrate and enjoy the wonderful, but outrageously hot day, with us.

I do have to say though, never get shots the day before a big event. Wehilani had another round of shots on Friday, the day before her birthday party (her birthday is actually April 4th, conference weekend and I guess from now on, we will be celebrating her birthday the week after) and boy she was not to happy the next morning. She woke up with a little fever and just lathargic, so I gave her some Infants Motrin and she fell back asleep. Well we ended up taking her over to Aunt Jenny's in her jammies, without a bath, hair not done (see pictures below) ,

and still sleeping. When we got there, she woke up, but I still didn't have time to give her a bath, so we got her dressed and we went about our day. Well she fell back asleep, she slept for about an hour into her party and then woke up, still a little grogy, from shots and sleeping. After seeing all the people she woke up enough to go on a bug hunt and play with all the kids. After the bug hunt (thank you Aunty Booty for the bugs), we got to eat, open presents and eat cake. I just want to thank Aunty Kay for the wonderful cake and cupcake toppers (thank you Kay for all the decorations and things you got, it made everything look great), everyone loved them.
Well by the end of the party, she was feeling much better, but then on Monday she got a stomach bug that was going around and boy that is a whole other story to write about.


Mom said...

That is the most sweet and darling Miss Spider party! I am now starting to feel intense guilt for the paper airplane and hostess cupcake that Carly received for hers.

Gray, Kamaile & Wehilani Ronk said...
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Gray, Kamaile & Wehilani Ronk said...

I think part of it was that Gray didn't want a party, he said "why do we need to have a party, she's not going to remember it anyways" and I was like "she is going to have a party!!" and that is why she had a party, just because he said that and to get together with the family :)

kathleen said...

Thanks Wehilani for a great reason to get together for hugs and cake and icecream. What a fun day and weekend. And thanks to Aunty Val for saving me w/her expert cake decorating touches on the cake & cup cakes. I never saw such a big personal cupcake like Aunty Booty got her.

The Scholer Family said...

Looks like a blast! I can't believe she's already 1.